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February 24, 2018

Watch: 8 Refreshingly Uncommercial Films To Get You Through Valentines Day

Whatever your plans this holiday, skip the corporate schlock and instead be humored, enticed, and inspired by these original shorts.

Tired of watching commercials from diamond stores telling you what love is—and how much it costs? Same here! Stories on the nature of our deepest interpersonal affections are a lot more interesting when they come from filmmakers exploring the topic from a myriad of perspectives. Check out this compilation of recently released work from filmmakers who, intentionally or not, offer beautiful interpretations of that often used word: love.

For Love of Everything: Surf the Universe

“Cuz light is just a wave. Sound is just a wave. Life is just a wave, and we surf…” narrates Samson in this film by Jakob Owens. Not just a beautifully constructed short poem for those landlocked lubbers missing blue barrels, it's also something for those of us postulating the depth of love and the interconnectedness of things.

For Unrequited Love: James Vincent McMorrow // National

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