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February 20, 2018

Perfectly Named ‘Film Set Objects’ Adds Polish to Your Prep

This package of elements for your previs and presentations offers a host of uses.

There is a school of filmmaking that just wants to show up and figure it out. That's a legitimate way to operate. But others like to plan, previsualize, organize, and prep, and often need to share those plans with other team members. For them, Evan Oliver has created Film Set Objects. It is, as its name sets out in brilliantly simple fashion, a collection of pre-built illustrations that look like all of your favorite film set tools. For use mostly in Photoshop and Illustrator, they are designed to make your previs and prep more attractive.

Over 250 objects in all, there are pretty much objects to represent whatever it is you want to plan for in your shoot, including lighting, modifiers, support, and even specific cameras that help you remember, for example, that the Weapon is much smaller than the SXT.

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