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February 20, 2018

Watch: Side-by-Side Comparison of Sony a7S II and Panasonic GH5s Low-Light Capabilities

Is the debate finally over?

For the past few years, an enormous debate has been warring within the film community: Sony or Panasonic? Which micro four-thirds camera is the one to own? The Sony Alpha series had been touted as the superior camera due to its low-light capabilities, and so Panasonic has struck back by releasing its upgrade to the already impressive GH5: a more "video-cenric" GH5s. The primary focus in developing the new camera was to bridge the low-light gap with Sony.

Of course, low-light sensitivity shouldn't be the only factor in choosing a camera, but if it were, then the Sony a7S II would clearly have the GH5 beat. But how does the GH5s stack up against Sony's best now that the camera has undergone a series of improvements for low-light shooting specifically?

As a reminder, the GH5S features a newly designed chip (with half the megapixel count of the GH5) to perform better in low-light. Panasonic also added Dual Native ISO to the GH5s, removed the 5-axis mage stabilization found in the GH5, and (although they can both record 4K DCI and UHD) enabled the GH5s to tackle 60p (the GH5 is currently limited to 24p in 4K DCI).

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